Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dream in sequins


Looooooong time, no see, talk, or write fellow bloggies and friends! Oofta, it's been awhile since I've been on this "thing" here. I am sorry if those of you that look forward to The Happy Initiative or girly inspirations but i just got SO busy and burnt out with the end of school and other events in my life.

This past month or so has been quite the roller coaster ride. But I feel grown up because I am learning to embrace it because through the ups & downs and the dips & whips I grow as a person and end up in a much better place then when I started. #loveit #growingup #twitterspeakisaddictive

But enough soapbox talk and on to more important things liiiiike FASHION :) As I was perusing (if that's even how you spell it) Facebook yesterday I came across a wonderful mini-video on Jenna Lyons of J Crew. Can you say genius?! Ohmygahhhh, she is definitely one of my fashion idols! LOVE HER! I love how she "dreams in sequins". #obsessed

Just take a peek for yourself and let this be your style inspiration for the rest of this week. 

Until next time!


Monday, April 11, 2011

agenda: happy initiative + copywriting

Well what do ya know, I was lazy this past Sunday and didn't get to writing the happy initiative. My bad bloggies. But never fear, for happy is here... And vintage Chanel..
 In honor of The Happy Initiative this week..

First on the agenda, "Shtuff" that made me happy this week...

1. Spring has sprung! Birds chirping in the morning is heavenly.
2. My morning cup 'o' joe with hazelnut cream. Yummo!
3. The end of my nursing home days... as an nurse aide that is.
4. Finding new brands to LOVE. [EmersonMade] <-- check out my last post about this one.
5. Living Word Christian Center.
6. Downtown Stillwater. I know, so not original since this has been on the list for the past couple weeks. But I'm telling you guys, its just devine!
7. Finding vintage Chanel, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent in the vintage shops in Stillwater.
8. Vanilla ice cream with a little bit of chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of ground up coffee grounds.
9. First BBQ din-din of the season. The smell of burning charcoal excites me.
10. 4 weeks left of school... yes, the countdown continues.

If that ain't a great list of happy things then I dunno what is people! [country accent emphasized]

And now second item on agenda, copywriting.
The North Loop: My new place of work. 
I started my new job today at IN Food Marketing & Design. I am now their new (might I add lovely) junior copywriter. Never in my life had I seen myself as a writer. But look at me now, writing in the blogosphere, writing copy for an agency..who knows what else could be in the future for me. Exciting thing's I'm sure. I must emphasize the creative toll it takes on ze brain but I am up for the challenge! Now I just need to get this silly "school business" out of the way so I can focus on the good stuff like work, writing, and ...designing. Yes that is in the works my dears, big things on the horizon!

Must go now and study hard aka doze off after ten minutes of reading... tootle loo!



Saturday, April 9, 2011


Need a little pick-me-up on this dreary Saturday morning? I have just the thing for you...Read on..

I found a classically chic new designer to follow, rant & rave about, and seek inspiration from. Who is it you ask... well its EmersonMade of course. This line is not new but sure new to me. I don't know how I haven't heard of them until now though, boggles.my.mind! 

Emerson is the designer that lives in the countryside of New Hampshire. She does all the design, styling and artwork, and her "right-hand-man",aka here husband, helps out with the photography. They are high school sweethearts and still find time to run every morning together. [Precious] They opted out of New York City to live the farm life. They run a certified organic farm with a thriving business to boot! What a FAB duo!

You can find them online at Emersonmade.com. Emerson and her husband were also just featured in Boston Magazine.. check out the article here!

Pictures! Pictures! I hear you yelling all the way from your screen... I know, I know, I was saving the best for last obviously...

This is Emerson. 
This woman embodies style. 
Mod dress. Need it. Want it. 
In white as well...
This blazer! I can't stop drooling over it.
Totally a Think In Pink necessity...don't ya think? Someday I WILL have my own t-shirt company with romantic tees such as these. 

I hope this brightens up your day lovelies! Look for The Happy Initiative tomorrow and have a stylish weekend. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

rockin the reds.

Did anyone happen to see the beautiful day today? Ha, I keed, I keed. You'd be a fool if you didn't! Tis finally getting warm enough to roll down the windows, wear lighter clothing, and put on dem spring time shoes!

In honor of TOMS "Going barefoot so kids don't have to" Day I went barefoot wore my tommies today. 

I suppose I should have taken the pics outside to capture the glorious weather... another day, another time I suppose. 

Next on my list for TOMS purchases... the pink glitters. Too cute! 

Alright I better stop procrastinating. The solution to multiple deadlines? Diet Coke, pistachios, and Pandora :)


Monday, April 4, 2011

LC : self-made fashionista

We all can remember the days of Laguna Beach where jean skirts, flip flops, and teeny bikinis was the "go-to" look we all wanted to emulate. And though this might be still okay for a lot of beach babes it is certain that a repuatble look these days is much more pulled together and effortlessly chic. One main Laguna lady, the one and only Lauren Conrad, has grown up before our eyes and transformed into a fashionista of her own making.

Its impressive to see a reality TV star to gain such a respected reputation in the fashion world. She has mastered the art of looking chic yet comfortable, trendy yet classy, and be able to cater to both ends of the budget spectrum when it comes to fashion. Lauren is a published writer, fashion designer (she's got line at Kohl's if you want to check out her work), and TV starlette.

I've pulled together some outfits that I loved her in. I love taking outfits I see celebs (or anyone really) wearing and seeing how I can put that outfit together with my wardrobe and maybe just a little shopping to add a few key pieces. Try this out! It makes thinking of a cute new outfit much easier if you have a picture to work with. (No one needs to know you copied wardrobe ideas!)

via Nydailynews.com
Perfect balance of casual and dressed. Simple pair of black shorts with a pair of peep-toe pumps and loose shirt looks great for a night out with the girls. 

via Posh24.com
I seriously think a blazer pulls together any outfit whether you want to dress up or down. Black ensemble with the leather wedges and Chanel quilted bag is a great outfit for a day out shopping and lunch. 

via X17online.com
One of my favorite outfits is a pair of jeans and a white tee. So many variations can be made with this classic outfit. Adding some leather accessories and a fun pair of sunglasses makes it your own. 

via People.com
LOVE this outfit. Mixing feminine and masculine elements in one outfit can make anyone look chic. Throw on your fave accesories and a rockin hair do (love her bun in this) and you're geared up for a fun night on the town!

I love the way she puts together outfits. She's not afraid to mix it up but she never is a slave to a trend. She always makes every outfit her own... and that's what fashion is all about. Check out her book, Style, which I wrote about in the "early" days of Think In Pink. 

Happy Outfit-Hunting!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

no naked nails!

Being the girly-girl that I am, its only fitting that I love to get mani &pedi's whenever possible. And if not that, I have to have my nails polished. I mean, who likes naked nails? They're not pleasant to look at, especially toes (am I right, or am I right?) and just plain ole boring. Plus, painting your nails is a simple, affordable luxury that anyone has access to. Those are enough reasons for dressing up those nails ladies! 

Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie Cosmetics, is the mastermind behind the nail polish line that I absolutely love! The name in itself is just down right adorable but the vast amount of colors and durability of polish gives this product an A+.

Essie nail polishes, from left to right: French Affair, Coat Azure, Topless & Barefoot, and Nice is Nice

Above is the line that I recently got. It is the spring collection, inspired by Southern French flair. I can't get over the names. I get laughed at for this but I think it would be such a fun job to be a "nail-polish namer". But anyways, I'm sporting Coat Azure (the blue one) and it looks pretty rad. And for those of you who can't bear to spend $8 on one bottle of polish, which is what one bottle of Essie polish costs, a cost efficient strategy is to buy a sampler pack, like I did with these four colors. That way you spend a little more the $8 but then you get 4 colors to work with. Deal!


So ladies, what polish names do you love? Have you tried Essie and absolutely love it too ;)? What color are you wearing? 

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

initiate happy.

"Happy is the man who finds wisdom and understanding for the gain from it is better than gain from silver and profit better than gold. "- Proverbs 3:13,14

Yes, you guessed it, it's time for The Happy Initiative. Ten things, among many, that made me happy this week.

via Jen Gotch Photography

- Bookstores. I don't even have to get anything, I love just looking...but of course purchasing the goods is fun too. 
- April! Woot woot! That means only one month and a half left of school.
- Rolling down the windows in the car. 
- Green juice.
- Stillwater. 
- Having to take summer classes.Wait....that definitely didn't make me happy BUT the silver lining is if I take the summer classes I'll FOR SURE graduate next fall. Oofta!
- Lipgloss, the really glossy and sticky stuff! 
- Homemade facials.
- A night devoted to my relaxation because of my best friend Linley :) She made an amazing pesto linguini dinner, banana bread bread pudding and the homemade facials just to pamper me. Wow! Such an amazing friend!
- Jen Gotch. A LA photographer... her pictures are featured as my inspiration today. 

Dun du dunnnnn.... guess who's turn it is? YOURS! What made your pearly whites gleam this week?